Born and raised in Edmonton, Veronica is passionate about connecting with the Edmonton community and supporting treasures like the NAPDA and the Pioneer’s Cabin. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Toronto Veronica has an interest in preserving and sharing our City’s history and connecting those stories with today’s context. Veronica believes the NAPDA is uniquely positioned to become a community hub for historical associations across Edmonton and examine the Pioneer story alongside Edmonton’s modern Pioneers. The Pioneers Cabin is an extraordinary landmark nestled within the River Valley, after hosting her wedding there in 2018, the Cabin holds a special place in Veronica’s heart and she believes it should be enjoyed by all Edmontonians for years to come. In her professional life, Veronica is a Search Manager with Optimum Talent recruiting for executive positions across the private and public sector. She is pursuing her professional Human Resources designation and brings governance knowledge, recruitment experience, human resources background and passion for supporting the Edmonton community to the NAPDA team.